More about Maga Therapy & Dawn Symons

A little background history… In 2009 I realised that there was a great need to explain ‘what I did’ and ‘how I worked’. The problem was there was neither a short nor simple explanation of the treatments I provided. I asked my clients how they would describe my treatments, to be frank, all of them struggled!

Many business models are directed at one specific person or another, I do not work like that.  I am a ‘true’ holistic practitioner who your deals with the effects of tension, fatigue, pain and stress offering a completely unique session– designed around you and what your body needs.

My focus is good health. on restoring your body’s physical equilibrium, however in order to achieve a truly healing I did a little deeper. To do this I begin by assessing how your lifestyle and posture might contribute to your discomfort, tension and pain, I literally read your body to identify obvious and hidden issues, old injuries, tensions and misalignments. Together we consider the root causes.





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