How Does Pregnancy Massage Help?

Are you considering a pregnancy massage in Truro but not sure if it would help you or quite ‘who’ to go to?

For some ladies pregnancy is a joyous ‘blooming’ occasion, for others it is excruciatingly painful or a total misery and a massage is more than welcome. But why is it that many therapists do not massage a pregnant woman at particular times?

The answer is very simple. Due to the ‘higher risk’ insurance companies will not insure therapists during those first weeks. However, that being said…..

NHS Choices state: “Some complementary therapies, such as acupuncture and massage, can be suitable during pregnancy. However, even for therapies like these, there are still times during pregnancy when they may not be safe. For example, your abdomen should not be massaged during the first three months of pregnancy.”

There are many benefits in taking a massage during pregnancy:

  • During pregnancy the body changes can be uncomfortable as well as stressful, massage is the perfect way to reduce stress.
  • Massage helps the body to eliminate waste products, this combats fatigue and helps mum feel more energised.
  • Relaxation helps decrease insomnia.
  • Stress relief on the ankles, lower back and pelvis is essential, particularly if the baby is particularly large or over-due.
  • Assistance in maintaining proper posture, as well as back and neck pain relief caused by muscle weakness, imbalance and weight.
  • Muscular discomforts such as cramping, tightening, stiffness, tension and knots can all be alleviated.
  • Reduced swelling in hands and feet.
  • Lessen sciatic pain. Read more about back pain in pregnancy here…
  • Fewer leg cramps.
  • Headache & sinus relief.
  • Aids circulation, helping to normalise blood pressure.
  • Increases local and general blood circulation, bringing more oxygen and nutrients to Mum & Baby resulting in greater vitality and less fatigue for Mum and better nourishment for baby.
  • Stimulation of glandular secretions which helps stabilise hormone levels.
  • Massage & Reflexology can be used during the birth to make it easier and more comfortable and, after birth to help regain strength more quickly and ease postpartum stress.

As a therapist, I take particular care to ensure my pregnant mums-to-be remain safe, comfortable and pain-free. My training is up-to-date and being a mum three times over (having suffered 2 slipped discs with my second pregnancy which subsequently meant the third pregnancy was ‘not much fun either’) believe me when I say I know just how you feel.


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