Hamstring Strain Stretch

piriformis stretch, hamstring strain stretch, groin strain stretch









This stretch is really useful if you have a Hamstring Strain

This stretch also helps you recover from:

  • Hip pain
  • Pelvis Pain
  • Lower back tension
  • Groin Strain
  • Piriformis Syndrome

How to….

You can either rest against a gym ball to support your back or lean against a wall.

  • Sit with your legs wide apart. Whilst keeping your back straight lean forward.
  • To increase the intensity of the stretch – move your legs further apart, slide your hands down your legs towards your feet WHILE pointing your toes towards your body.


Maga Therapy Top Tips When Stretching.

  • The best way to achieve the fullest potential of the stretch for your muscles is to start to listen to and ‘feel’ the stretch in your back, some areas might be tighter than others.
  • If you can feel an area of tightness repeat the appropriate exercise from the above list, going into the stretch slowly and ‘feel’ it release. Breathe deeply & don’t hold your breath.
  • Pinpointing the area and focusing your mind on it will greatly help achieving a deep and relaxing stretch
  • Check with GP prior to stretching.

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