What is the antidote for stress?

I searched for the antidote for stress for more than 22 years, I had suffered from the effects of heightened stress for so long… On the diagnosis of my cancer in 1994 my consultant stated very clearly that I needed to be less stressed. In truth, I didn’t know how to be. Every day was stressful from beginning to end, most of the people around me were continuously under pressure – stress was ‘normal’.  The truth was that I had no idea that my life and thoughts were so dysfunctional.

I undertook counselling and indeed I trained to be a counsellor. I deeply contemplated “what causes your stress?” Is it what is happening in your life? Your relationships? Financial issues? Your job? The weather? I believed, like many, that the answer was yes. Thank goodness, in time, I realised this was not the case, for that misunderstanding was wreaking my health, happiness, family and work life.

It took me fifteen years to start to get a grasp on the truth and a few more to gain enough knowledge and insight to finally heal myself. I hope that the process will be a lot quicker for you because in the meantime I absolutely know is that your happiness, health and well-being are being negatively affected.

The impact the Antidote For Stress had on me

When I first caught a glimpse of the way I worked (a human being) I was confused to say the least for it was the first time that I realised that I was not ‘broken’ nor was there ‘something wrong with me’, my mind and body worked perfectly! I’d qualified and trained teaching anatomy and physiology but this wasn’t in any book!

I remember thinking “I am just having thoughts and I’m feeling them. Yes people have done things that I really, really didn’t like but there’s nothing wrong with me”.

I’d wasted years trying to ‘fix myself’ and in that moment, there and then, I realised that there was nothing to fix –the sheer relief of that minor revelation was life-changing! I realised that to clear your negative emotions, improve your mood and feel generally ‘better’ that you simply have to reprogram your brain – you train it and ‘up level’ your emotions permanently as opposed to temporarily. Whilst this sounds technical and time-consuming surprisingly its not. I found that 10 minutes before I get out of bed and 10 minutes before I go to sleep daily for a week had an impact. Two weeks later I noticed a significant improvement in myself, other people noticed I was happier within myself too…

I use the best parts of many disciplines to create change. I’ve spent £1000’s learning what doesn’t work and indeed what does. I know that the antidote to stress and project phoenix supersede current traditional models commonly used in the emotional/ wellbeing/ healing services.

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Blessings, Dawn x




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