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Your mind, body, and thoughts continuously influence each other. When you relax your muscles, your mind becomes calmer and your thoughts clearer. When your mind and body relax, your quality of sleep improves. You experience wellness.

Reducing stress using Hypnotherapy is a fast, effective way to regulate your whole self. As a result, your immune system is improved, and tension, pain and inflammation are reduced or eliminated. Your entire system works in the optimum, healthy way.

I offer hypnotherapy in Truro at a central location, just next to Victoria Gardens.

“Hypnotherapy can help you manage stress levels effectively and help you feel calmer, relaxed, and focused in your daily life.”

Hypnotherapy can help with:

  • Stress, anxiety or low mood
  • Improving self-esteem and confidence
  • Relaxation and increased energy levels
  • Improved sleep
  • Chronic health conditions
  • Quitting smoking
  • Hypnotherapy can improve IVF success*


“Whatever your issue, a course of Hypnotherapy will leave you feeling happier, healthier, and with an increased sense of well-being.”

“Hypnotherapy is considered a safe therapeutic tool recognised and used by the NHS.”

How does Hypnotherapy work?

When in a relaxed state of hypnosis, the mind is open and ready to receive positive suggestions to effect positive, fast-acting change.

Your brain’s neuroplasticity enables you to learn healthier habits and behaviours. It creates new neural pathways that ”recode” how we respond to stimuli.

Hypnotherapy can help you overcome fears, anxieties, and learned behaviours that are often habitual and unconscious.

Hypnotherapy allows you to understand yourself and your health issues better. By increasing self-awareness, reframing and refocusing your perspective, you can drop old, unhelpful behaviour patterns, giving space to create better ones.

Hypnotherapy can be used as a safe, complementary treatment to your current healthcare routine or as an alternative treatment for your wellness needs.

Google Reviews

Rebecca Tantony
Rebecca Tantony
21:00 31 Jan 23
One of the best massages I have ever had, and I have had a lot! I currently see Dawn every two weeks for pregnancy... massage and she is such a highly skilled practitioner, a wise and compassionate facilitator and amazing support to have during this timeread more
lesley-ann eaton
lesley-ann eaton
22:05 04 Oct 22
Dawn is an AMAZING therapist! She has totally sorted my shoulders out - I have been carrying tension for years and what... she did released something which meant my overall posture has improved. I can not recommend Dawn highly enough. Don’t go anywhere else! I have had so many poor massages in Cornwall - I wish I’d found her years ago. Thank you Dawn you lovely human xread more
Angela Stanton
Angela Stanton
06:45 02 Sep 22
Here’s the headline - AMAZINGAction to take - don’t hesitate - bookTHE DETAILDawn - calm, warm, funny, thoughtful,... intuitive, prepared, strong!, caring, professional, skilledLocation - quirky, creative, labyrinth at the Old Bakery Studios. Parking limited.The cost- not cheap but you’re worth itThe treatment I had - one and a half hours of focussed rolling, kneading, pulling, stretching, rehabilitating, reconstructing, muscle probing, fault finding, referred pain site locating and intuitive and uncanny manipulation.This was not for the faint hearted or those with a low pain threshold.But, I am sure that Dawn works with each person individually and tailors her approach accordingly.Dawn also gave take away exercises to follow up.THE OUTCOMEWell, it’s only the next morning but less pain and restricted movement when I got out of bed. Standing straighter and moving more freely with much less acute pain at the mo.OTHER INFOLoved the walking sticks that dad made.Love the spoiler on the car!!Love the book and look forward to the next one.Love the beam peace symbol.THE VERDICTAn unequivocal 👍👍👍from me.read more
Kallum Jones
Kallum Jones
10:54 27 Aug 22
Had a great experience during a sports massage! I feel like I came out with more knowledge about my body and also how... to better look after it myself using advice she gave me. I would definitely recommend!read more
Ellysia King
Ellysia King
09:18 27 Jul 22
Met Dawn yesterday for the first time, as I thought her ethos and method, explained in detail on her website, was... really impressive. Just want to confirm what a number of other reviewers have done already - Dawn clearly has a deep knowledge of her craft and gave me both an assessment of things I am trying to change in my physique and some tools for assisting with that, and a very effective treatment from the muscle pain I was experiencing which motivated my appointment. Really thoroughly recommended.read more
Simon Tregunna
Simon Tregunna
15:25 08 Jul 22
Great treatment and a relaxing massage that helpede overcome my siatica pain. Dawn also gave me a personal exercise... plan that I could do at home that can help my ability to wLj. Formerly I walked on a crutch now I am walking upright unaided thanks to Dawn's therapy. Excellent service. ❤️read more
Tristan Lydall
Tristan Lydall
11:34 21 Jun 22
Amazing is an understatement to describe Dawn's abilities! I visited her with excruciating pain in my back and... sciatica, what she has achieved in just two sessions is beyond belief, almost pain free and much improved flexibility. Treatment ongoing but I absolutely recommend her treatment as superb.read more
Fidel Alexander
Fidel Alexander
11:34 27 Mar 22
Dawn is an awesome therapist, did great work on my site claves and provided me with stretching exercises to help deal... with them going forwardread more
Michaela T
Michaela T
11:01 11 Mar 22
I tend to not tell therapists I did beauty for 12 years as it can make people feel awkward but its also helpful to have... a more indepth view on a review. From my experience with Dawn... she is amazing and makes you comfortable as soon as you are greeted. Her room, her aura and personality to her technique is unique and just a little slice of perfection! She is welcoming, open and friendly while maintaining professionalism. I had the relax and restore massage which included meditation and a foot/head massage, the massage itself was a firm pressure which I prefer, dawn used a beautiful smelling oil that was neither heavy in texture or fragrance, just enough to add to the ambience. Dawn has made an environment where i felt open enough that if I wanted to change the pressure I was able to speak up and not just kind of "go through the motions" I've had numerous massages and separate meditations in my time and the combination was a winner! I highly recommend Dawn, even if you want an introduction to meditation or you're feeling the stress of life/work give Dawn a go. You won't be disappointed!read more
Wendy Wishes
Wendy Wishes
21:08 27 Jan 22
Dawn provides a professional but relaxed atmosphere. Fantastic massage, managed my fastest mile swim the following day,... my shoulders felt relaxed, my muscles no longer tight and my mind felt calm. Dawn is a holistic practitioner who is skilled at the service she provides. I will be back very soon 🙂read more
Emily SED
Emily SED
15:19 21 Jan 22
Had an amazing Maga Therapy session with Dawn. She is wonderful to talk to - such a grounding and lovely presence and... brilliant at what she does! Would recommend to anyone seeking physical or emotional healing: I came out of the session feeling refreshed and hopeful and I definitely intend to return for more bodywork sessions in the future.read more
Coleen Jenkin
Coleen Jenkin
09:53 13 Jan 22
I went to Dawn with ongoing back and neck pain which has been caused by desk work and two young toddlers who like to be... picked up and carried.Within minutes Dawn had pinpointed the source of the pain and got to work! She has magic hands! I left feeling brand new.Such an awesome find and I would highly recommend to anyone that needs to destress and release tension.read more
Ashley Friedlein
Ashley Friedlein
17:43 06 Jan 22
I’ve been to Dawn many times, whenever I’m down in Cornwall, as it is always both rejuvenating and relaxing. I tend to... leave Dawn to decide what’s best as she’s so experienced and has a natural ability to know what’s needed from her years of experience and knowledge of so many techniques and approaches both physical and mental. Wonderful!read more
Evangeline Dimichele
Evangeline Dimichele
06:40 09 Nov 21
I had the most powerful treatments with Dawn. A truly gifted phenomenal healerDawn works with such body wisdomIt’s... quite exceptionalHer intuition helped me break down my barriers of emotional resistanceA diamond healerAs soon as I arrived I knew I was safe, emotional held and cared for beyond wordsThankyou Dawnread more
Suzie Foster
Suzie Foster
07:39 22 Oct 21
I’ve seen dawn for a pregnancy massage and reflexology, and have found these treatments with her to be of great benefit... to relive my aches and tensions.Dawn is such a lovely warm person and was really good to talk to whilst having the treatments. Thank you dawn I’ll be back again soon 🙂read more
stacey wall
stacey wall
09:20 13 Oct 21
I went to see Dawn for work related aches, pains and major burn out that had built up over the many years of desk work,... bad posture and tablet use, so I was in quite the sorry state by the time Dawn got to work on me.I'm quite shy and socially anxious, but Dawn put me at ease right away with her welcoming, kind and professional manner.Dawn was able to undo all of my built up tension, knots, stiffness and pain with her Maga Therapy. I've had two sessions so far and the difference is really noticeable. My muscles feel almost fluid compared to how stiff and locked up I was, my RSI has improved significantly.Dawn has an impressive amount of knowledge and experience that will not only help your aches, it will help you understand why and what you can do to help between sessions.I feel much better equipped to deal with my posture issues, RSI, even my stress management! Overall I feel 10 years younger and more healthy both physically and mentally. I could not recommend Dawn highly enough!read more
Cherry Abdalla
Cherry Abdalla
06:37 18 Aug 21
Dawn was fantastic, she was accommodating, professional, friendly and most of all it was an extremely relaxing 60... minutes!! Would 100% recommend, thank youread more
Carmen Willows
Carmen Willows
21:05 13 Aug 21
Very relaxing and amazing service. Dawn is friendly and a great therapist. Highly recommend 👌
Gemma Wearing
Gemma Wearing
08:47 14 May 21
It's amazing what Dawn can do in just 30mins! I left feeling lighter, relaxed and I honestly haven't felt so free in... years. I will be re-booking for a 60min next time 🙂read more
Anna Wilson
Anna Wilson
07:21 21 Apr 21
I went to see Dawn on a bit of a whim due to a really sore shoulder and no idea really what to do about it. She was... truly amazing. Her massage has given me so much pain relief and I feel so much lighter and much freer than I've felt i ages. She really knows what's she's doing! I highly recommend.read more
Melody Crowdy
Melody Crowdy
13:18 26 Mar 21
Dawn is a miracle worker! I am a yoga teacher and I often have little pains and niggles or tightness in certain areas... of the body. I feel reborn after a session with Dawn. She is so intuitive and seems to know instinctively what my body needs. I can’t recommend her highly enoughread more
kelly palmer
kelly palmer
12:36 27 Oct 20
I couldn't rate Dawn more highly, she is a kind, knowledgeable and highly skilled professional lady with an amazing... zest and passion for what she does. I suffer from lifelong complex trauma and accompanying physical issues. Her lovely warm, airy room made me feel at ease the moment I walked in as did as her lovely caring persona. As well as treating my physically she packed in SO much good advice which I can use ongoingly to help me heal that I walked out with a tremendously better back, a renewed hope for my future and a smile on my face. I will be back most definitely very soon 🙂read more
Joanne Gray
Joanne Gray
17:26 17 Oct 20
Dawn is a truly phenomenal therapist, I cannot recommend highly enough.I’ve been coming to Dawn for deep tissue... massage over the last year to treat back pain from poor posture and long hours at a desk. Every massage leaves me feeling restored and ‘myself’ again, with improved posture and that wonderful post-massage ache from the deep pressure. Each session is tailored to ease problem areas and any changes since the last treatment.We’re all worried about Covid, however Dawn’s studio feels safe, clean and welcoming (even the hand sanitizer smells lovely!)read more
sarah scoltock
sarah scoltock
21:38 16 Aug 20
Another fantastic treatment from Dawn. Her new therapy room is spacious and light and the space is clean and inviting.... Dawn is highly skilled and the massage helped my body rebalance and realign. I will be booking another session soon.read more
jaclyn core
jaclyn core
15:35 09 Aug 20
i was apprehensive at first to attend my appointment due to the corona virus, particularly because i am at a moderate... high risk but i was in a lot of discomfort. Dawn was professional, caring and attentive to my concerns and put me at ease by explaining everything that she was doing to keep her clients safe and herself and what i should expect when arriving for my appointment. As i am a dental nurse and decontamination lead i was very impressed by all that she was doing prior, during and after my appointment.i felt very confident and safe the whole time, she really is going above and beyond. Dawn has been helping to relieve pain in my lower back and shoulders and she is very intuitive to where my pain is and what is causing it. she has been giving me exercises to do at home to improve my posture and alleviate any pain and tensions. i highly recommend her.read more
catherine wood
catherine wood
14:19 06 Aug 20
I have just had another reappointment with Dawn since she has been able to re-open. I was a little apprehensive... following all the concerns with Covid, however Dawn put my mind at rest from first contact. She clearly explained the new processes and requirements. She is now treating in a new room (in the same building), it was comfortable, clean and welcoming. The whole environment was very clean and well prepared so I have no concerns about booking my next treatment!read more
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Where is my studio?

I am based in Edwards Street, just next to Victoria Gardens  in Truro.

Hypnotherapy FAQ

This therapeutic process enhances connectivity between brain regions associated with relaxation, attention, and mental control. Neuroimaging suggests hypnosis may improve connectivity between brain regions involved in attention and control while reducing activity in areas associated with self-awareness and sensory processing. These changes in connectivity could contribute to the altered state of consciousness experienced during hypnosis.

For more straightforward issues like quitting smoking or specific phobias, some people might find success with Truro Hypnotherapy in just a few sessions. However, more complex problems such as chronic pain, anxiety disorders, or deep-seated behavioural patterns may require a more extended treatment plan.

Hypnotherapy is considered a safe therapeutic tool recognised and used by the NHS. However, as with any therapy, some people should be cautious about this treatment approach. Individuals with severe mental health conditions such as Psychosis, severe personality disorders, severe PTSD, substance use disorders and severe levels of anxiety should be extra cautious. If you are unsure if this treatment is right for you, we can discuss your individual needs in privacy, and I can give you my recommendation.

Hypnotherapy can help during pregnancy.

Sessions can include:

  • Childbirth Rehearsal
  • Fear of pregnancy
  • Positive Pregnancy

Postpartum hypnotherapy can also help new parents and mothers struggling with postnatal depression.

Sessions such as:

  • Confidence for new parents
  • Enjoy Motherhood
  • Overcome Postnatal Depression

High stress levels and emotional distress can negatively influence fertility, and Hypnotherapy aims to promote relaxation and alleviate these factors. By fostering a calm and positive mindset, Hypnotherapy can lower cortisol levels, reduce stress and help the body and mind enter a more relaxed, receptive state.

Hypnotherapy has also been shown to improve IVF success; in a study of 185 women going through IVF, 28% of the women who received Hypnotherapy conceived versus 18% of the women who did not.*

*https://thefertilemind.net/scientific-evidence/Overcoming phobias

Good quality sleep is essential for your positive physical and mental well-being.

Most of us wake during the lighter phases of our natural sleep cycles and fall back to sleep effortlessly. However, naturally returning to sleep is complicated and causes problems for some. Hypnosis can help.

Hypnotherapy can help your sleep issues by training your subconscious mind to switch off worry and drift back to sleep. Over time, your mind will stop waking you, and your natural, regular sleep pattern will continue.

Your nervous system links your mind and body. Stress, anxiety and depression often have a profound, negative effect on all your bodily systems and functions.

During the stress response (fight or flight), body parts are on high alert, primed for action. During this time, ”less essential functions such as digestion, the immune system or fertility are suppressed.

Circulation reduces your gut to your extremities, giving you maximum power to run or fight. This can lead to symptoms such as bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, indigestion or nausea.

Generalised anxiety often contributes to hyper-sensitivity and hyper-reactivity of the gut, triggering IBS symptoms. Worrying about IBS flare-ups can re-trigger symptoms, creating a vicious cycle.

The stress response process is designed to return to normal once a threat has passed. Unfortunately, in today’s busy world, we find ourselves overstimulated with information on top of our busy daily routines and family/ work demands.

We are permanently ”hooked in” checking emails, text messages and scrolling social media pages at all times of the day. As a result of this lifestyle, our bodies are subject to a permanent state of low-level anxiety, and we are unable to relax effectively and regulate correctly.

Hypnotherapy is an effective form of stress relief and can act as a circuit breaker for mind-body symptoms. The gut relaxes and breaks the anxiety loop by engaging the parasympathetic nervous system (the rest and digest phase) by giving the body a much-needed break from stimulation.

During this restful, recuperative state, the subconscious mind is gently filled with positive suggestions to calm the nervous response, soothe the digestive system and end the cycle of symptoms.

Hypnotherapy is recognised and recommended as an effective and safe treatment for IBS by NHS NICE guidelines.

Maga Therapy bodywork combined with Hypnotherapy is a fast, effective way to release neck and shoulder tension as well as tension headaches.

Poor or unnatural posture, lengthy computer use, too much caffeine or too little water often results in neck and shoulder tension or pain, headaches and migraines, fatigue and brain fog.

Stress at work or in your personal life or hormone imbalances, e.g. menopause, can be either a contributory factor or increase the symptoms you experience.

Book a 90-minute Maga Therapy session to start your healing journey.

Lacking confidence or low self-esteem can negatively impact your life, limiting you and holding you back from achieving the things you want to do.

You may hide deep insecurities and feelings of worthlessness, almost believing something is wrong with you. You may have thoughts that you’re not likeable/ lovable, not good enough, nor clever enough- that somehow other people are better than you.

Hypnotherapy can help you remove these damaging beliefs and allow you to see a different perspective and a clear vision of yourself, allowing you to realise your true potential. A course of hypnotherapy sessions can help rebuild your confidence and get you to put yourself first to build the life you desire.

Maga Therapy Hypnotherapy Sessions for:

* Believing in Yourself.

* Blaming Yourself.

* Comparing yourself to others.

* Confidence.

* Developing Courage.

* Imposter Syndrome/ Inferiority Complex,

* Needing approval or validation.

* Overcoming Insecurity,

* People Pleasing.

* Perfectionism.

* Procrastination.

* Putting Yourself First.

* Recognising Your Self Worth,

* Self-Acceptance,

* Setting personal boundaries.

Not what you are looking for? I offer a full range of treatments to heal the muscles & mind: