Sports massage in Truro

Sports Massage will ease stiffness and pain in tight muscles and joints. Sports massage also aids mobility, increases energy levels and often improves the rate at which the body recovers from injury and illness. As you probably know, regular sport can take its toll on your body, you owe it to yourself to look after it.

How can sports massage help?
Regular massage treatments can enhance your performance, reduce the risk of injury, speed recovery and allow you maintain intensive training.

Sports massage is not just for sports participants, most people benefit greatly from a sports massage.

Why choose me?

I have an excellent, proven track record. For over a decade I have treated people who regularly enjoy sportsincluding long distance running, triathlons.  cycling (off + on road), football, 10k runs, gig rowing/racing, hockey, golf, half/ full marathons, rugby and touch rugby to name but a few…

Put simply when it comes to massage treatment I know what I’m doing!

Whether you want to achieve your personal best, cross the finishing line or simply remain fit enough to be able to play/compete into your  80’s I can help!

What I do is different!

My sessions include body and alignment reading; this enables you to pinpoint areas of weakness and potential injury before they happen.I can help you to achieve the best possible results from your body.

What do I treat?

I treat common muscular-skeletal issues such as; hamstring strain, hip pain, plantar fasciitis, runners knee, groin strain, ITB issues, achilles tendonitis, strained or tight muscles or non-specific tension/pain, tennis elbow plus many many more…

My sports massage is super effective and I get results!

Where is my studio?

I am based in The Old Bakery Studios, just past Radio Cornwall, in Truro.

The address is:
The Old Bakery Studios
Blewetts Wharf
Truro TR1 1HQ