Pre-Natal, Pregnancy + Post-Natal Massage

Bespoke Pregnancy massage.

“My aim is to bring peace to your current situation, whether physical or otherwise. I listen to you and your body as a ‘whole’ to help you find your ‘neutral space” Dawn Symons.


Are you looking for some pampering time? Do you want to feel relaxed and in a ‘great space’ Or are you looking for something therapeutic to ease your worries, aches, tension or pain? If so you are in the right place!

“I had my first Pregnancy massage treatment with Dawn at the Tresanton Hotel in 2009 when I was three months pregnant with twins. I immediately felt complete confidence in her ability to give a safe and effective treatment. I continued to have regular treatments in London until the 36th week of my pregnancy, which I found enormously beneficial, helping me to cope with the physical stresses of pregnancy and counteracting my insomnia. I resumed regular treatments two months after giving birth by caesarian section – I find them invaluable to help me relax, to realign and to put aside some pampering time for myself!” Rosemary. South London.

  Post-Natal? Are You Feeling…?

• Worn out, exhausted, achy or emotional? • As though you are the most run-down person on the planet? • Do you have niggling back pain or baby feeding-shoulders? Whether this is your first or beyond time around parenthood is exhausting. Looking after a newborn is no joke when you are organising the rest of your family and the ‘normal’ day-to-day life routines. Taking time out for yourself can seem like an elusive dream, an unaffordable luxury or a waste of time because often you don’t get the ‘result’ that you need. Are you looking for an expert who can tap into your body to leave you feeling ‘better’: lighter, happier and free. Listen to what Lucy says about Maga Pre Natal- Post Natal treatments 

Sometimes birthing plans go out the window…

To understand more about how I work and how I can help read what Wendy Powell has to say. Wendy is the founder of MuTu System Pre & Post Pregnancy Specialist & Author has this to say: Dawn has helped me tremendously!”

I have had a number of treatments with Dawn over the last few years starting with reflexology when I was pregnant with my second child. I had a particularly traumatic birth due to a postpartum hemorrhage & was helicopter-ed to hospital so it was all a bit dramatic! Dawn has helped me tremendously, using a combination of cranial sacral therapy, massage & other healing modalities to ease the physical as well as emotional trauma. I discovered though the process that both my births had a profound effect on my body & emotional state & Dawn has been absolutely integral to my recovery. I recommend her without reservation on a very personal as well as professional level. She really is amazing & as well as her technical expertise, she has a true gift for helping people. Wendy Powell CEO MuTu System. 

If you need a prenatal/ pregnancy treatment and live in (or your visiting) mid-Cornwall I can help! My studio is S18, Old Bakery Studios, Malpas Road, Truro. CLICK HERE to make your booking.

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