How do you relieve the symptoms of Stress?

I wanted to know how you relieve the symptoms of Stress.

I had the answer to ‘what is Stress!’ Stress was my middle name… I even had a mug with the caption “without stress my life would be empty” on it! Dawn Symons 

And whilst I joke about it, the truth is that the amount of the symptoms of Stress (that I was under) dramatically compromised my physical health as well as put pressure on ALL my relationships, whether personal or professional and drove me to Burnout over a period of time, I developed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome!

The truth is that Stress is created in your body by events that you become embroiled in, negative situations in which you (somehow) feel out of control or are fear-based. Stress causes no end of physical pain and tension which is simply exhausting. I believe that the only way to reduce your Stress and begin to (and continue) heal, is to understand how your body actually works! All I knew was that STRESS FELT BAD and that I needed to find a way to deal with it. So I looked for help.

Being in my profession somehow creates the illusion that you have all the answers!

For my patients I do!

  • I could help people who suffered acute or long-term physical pain.
  • I could help people recover from accidents/ traumas fast.
  • I could help women prepare for childbirth and alleviate their fears.
  • I could clear stress and traumatic feelings caused by difficult/ dangerous birthing experience(s).
  • I could even help women reinstate normal monthly cycles and conceive without the use of drugs by using my stress management skills, but I couldn’t fix myself. I felt like a fraud!

Back in the 90s, I believed that training to be a counsellor would give me the tools to ‘deal with my problems both in the short and long term as well as within my profession. It didn’t!

Since then I’ve spent a LOT of time actively searching for ‘remedies’ for Stress, practical solutions that I could utilise in the same way that you’d use stretches to mobilise and free the body.

Trying to find a solution to Emotional Stress which worked for both my patients (and more importantly ME!) at one point seemed a futile task! So I stopped the search and then it came to me… I wasn’t treating ME and my problem (Stress) in the same way that I would treat Physical Stress: with a fresh perspective on the mechanics of how the body works and how the body is reacting presently not in the past!

It was then that I had my ‘Eureka’ moment…

I effectively treat Stress, Tension and Pain in the body (Physical Therapy) using a deep level/of understanding of the mechanics; its functionality, alignment and system interactions. I utilise physics and chemistry to formulate and execute my treatment plan. I was NOT using the same model to treat Stress, Tension and Pain (Emotional Therapy). In fact, I had an ‘incomplete’ model which could help deal with acute stress, but long-term ‘deep’ issues were not (fully) addressed.

It has taken me just two years to ‘massage’ my understanding of ‘how the body works’ to effectively treat my own Stress as well as create a working model for others to utilise whenever they need… I call it Utilising Your Natural Default Setting (for Stress reduction)

If you would like to know:

What do the symptoms of Stress (your physical feelings; your tension, your pain) ‘mean’ on an emotional level, I have the answer.

If you would like to know how to deal with Stress i.e. reduce the effects of stress I can help with that too!

Understanding your body and your inbuilt Natural Default Setting will unlock the answers to the following questions:

  • What is Stress?
  • What are the symptoms of stress?
  • How to reduce Stress?
  • How to relieve Stress?

Utilising you Natural Default Setting NDS (for Stress) will help quieten your mind and (somehow) just by understanding how your body works takes away the feelings associated with Stress.

It’s interesting because the effect (Natural Default Setting NDS) is subtle yet dramatic.

I particularly notice that the constant ‘theme tune’ that ran like a movie in my mind is gone, or greatly reduced during ‘peak stress times. More interestingly I have noted that during situations where I would have previously ‘gone there, I haven’t (without thinking or doing), there’s simply been no reaction!

When someone had upset me (in the past) I’d have been upset, disappointed, angry or sad (if we were on a scale of 1 -10 it would always be a 10!) whereas now, its perhaps a ‘4’ or a ‘5’ and even more interestingly, the stressful feelings I do have don’t have hard-hitting physical impact as before.

If you would like to know more about your Natural Default Setting CLICK HERE.


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