Stress, Burnout & ME – Banishing Your Demons

Have you ever felt so stressed; overworked, exhausted, let down by other people, the world or yourself, that you wanted to run away or quit everything?

Do people say you’re a ‘little sensitive’ at times?

Do you look at other people and wonder how ‘luck’ graced their every move, yet you always somehow ‘lost’?

Have you always tried your best to ‘do the right thing’ especially during tough or extremely difficult circumstances yet somehow always ‘wrong’?

Do you ever wonder if you were ‘programmed’ to fail? I did. And, yes you can be, innocently or otherwise!

I found the ultimate answer to help me along with anyone else who needed it!

My personal search started over 30 years ago.  My gut instinct was that the problem was genetic and the solution was ‘simple’ but until recently I was unable to ‘prove’ my case nor ‘walk my talk’, so, true to typical ‘Cornish’ form,  I kept searching for answers not just to my own problems but for everyone I worked with or knew at the same time!

It was a tall order, but the truth was that in fact I was only looking at the common denominators. The truth is I saw THE solution, but because it is SO obvious and always apparent I could not believe so few people realised.

Then I saw the problem!

But how could I prove it?

I  2002 I decided to get the pieces of paper (the qualifications) and work to my theory knowing that 2017 was ‘project phoenix’ year. I pushed on with my ‘plan’ to change my world and that of the people (especially my family and loved ones) for the better, whilst realising that there was only one way.

I took advice -‘Go for the low hanging fruit’ they said, ‘you’ll get there quicker that way’

Dropping the toxic people/ things from my life or simply standing my ground right took courage and perhaps too a little madness, but I was at the point where I would do ANYTHING to get peaceful and stress-free.

What did I learn?

What I fully appreciate is that each and every one of us has a totally unique gift; a quality/ perspective that no-one else has, which has been forged by time. There are many key factors to that ‘gift’ and I ‘get’ them.

The Problem, as I see it

No-one gave us the ‘ownership manual’ or if they did, we’ve forgotten vital bits of information. For this is not something taught in schools or universities. Bizarrely, although I studied anatomy, physiology, human biology and indeed psychology I certainly did not know what I (we all) need to know about ‘getting on’ in life.

Over time I simply realised that I was, simply, confused!

What the university of life has taught me


Our bodies are very precious things! We are all guilty of ‘accidental’ or ‘innocent’ damage or even ‘abuse’ at some level, whether its repetitive movements, lack of movement resulting in physical stiffness, tension or pain. I frequently joke with my clients… if our body was a dog, and we (as individuals) are the owner then most of us would be in trouble! There would be either frequent visits to the vet or even the RSPCA…


Our minds are as equally precious and vulnerable as our bodies. When things are going wrong; or you are unhappy, ‘down’ or stressed to the eyeballs your mind will offer solutions to ‘feel better’ -some solutions are healthier than others. Some will help elevate your mind, feelings and spirit, whilst others will knock you back further.


Some of us are seekers, searching for a deeper understanding of who/ what we are.

Some of us do not feel as though we are not living ‘to our life purpose/ potential.’ If job-related, the result is often ‘burnout’ – you simply ‘run out of steam’ and manifest the symptoms of M.E./ C.F.S. 

However, if you, the seeker, are searching for a more peaceful life, a deeper understanding of how to experience something ‘better’ than you are now or indeed which to be a student of ‘enlightenment’  I have good news for you!

The Bigger Picture

  • Anyone, everyone is subject to ‘stress’ whether physical or emotional. When it occurs we buckle under the strain if it is not removed.
  •  The difference between our ability to deal with the effects of stress is formed in our younger years up until around 7 years old.
  • Stress comes in many forms and can be triggered by other peoples responses and reactions to situations, the weather, politics, global issues, your job.. ANYTHING!

Sharing the love You can learn from me!

My name is Dawn Symons, I’m a ‘human mechanic’.

For years I wanted to explain ‘how the body works’ to end the confusion that so many of us have.

For years I feared that I did not know enough, that I was not good enough, that I may not be able to ‘do what I said I could do’. 

Then, I got my break-through.

Now when I say break-through, others may say ‘breakdown’ and yes to a point I will agree -I WAS broken – but you have to be in order to repair.

And what I know, beyond anything else is that as a master healer you HAVE to have healed yourself to be able to truly be in service to other people, and there was a problem! I’d been doing the work 100% for others and 10% for me!

For many, many years I explained how I felt akin to Chiron – the mythical Greek God

I knew knowing and doing were not the same, it was just there was too much to do, too much to learn, too much to change – at once. But over time this changed. For as I did the work for other people I realised that in fact I was doing the work for myself

For years I was in service 100% to other people from around the globe giving one-to-one personalised Maga Therapy treatments and I gained a hard-core group of people who would tell you that once you’d ‘had a Dawn’ or ‘been Dawned’ there was no going back!

I want to share with you how to get physically, mentally AND spiritually aligned, WITHOUT sounding weird or woo-woo!

I want to help you to ease your discomfort, stress and fears.

During your 10 session-weekly Maga feel-good workshops you will you’ll embark on a journey of rediscovery that merges science and spirituality in a way that supports sustainability, health, stronger families and stronger communities

  • How to improve your relationships with yourself AND other people
  • How to reduce the physical symptoms of anxiety
  • How to improve family/ workplace dynamics
  • How to avoid physical/ emotional burnout or breakdown
  • How to accelerate positive change including nutrition advice

Additional Skills:

  • Grounding
  • Breath-Work to reduce stress and anxiety)
  • Being ‘Present’
  • Meridian/ Energy Self Healing Techniques (including some Reiki & Tapping/EFT)

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