Stress & Stress Reduction- What Will Help?

When you are stressed to the eyeballs, what will help?

Well, I feel that the basics of eating healthily, reducing caffeine and sugar intake (read more here), taking time out to relax or exercise, doing something you enjoy every day, spending time with friends/ family and laughter are so simple that we often overlook them. But in my humble experience, I do believe that it is often the simple things in life that are most effective! Maybe getting back to basics will help us take a jump away from the acute symptoms and lead us to feel happier, healthier and more in control.

As the saying goes “what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger” When facing major challenges look at them as the chance for personal growth- poor personal choices contribute to a stressful situation- reflect on them and learn from the mistake- we are human after all!!

I found the following statement some years ago;I thought I’d share it with you:  “Perfectionism is a major source of avoidable stress.  Stop setting yourself up for failure by demanding perfection.  Set reasonable standards/ goals for yourself (and others), and learn to be satisfied with a job well done”

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