Hello there! I’m Dawn, the human mechanic.

AKA: a bagel lady. A former depressed, anxiety-ridden, M.E. sufferer, stress-aholic-mum, gran, daughter, friend, multi-talented holistic treatment provider and lecturer turned coach.

I am an empath who elevates, motivates career-driven men and women and working parents by teaching them how to master their body/mind, to achieve their goals.

I treat men and women to effectively reduce their physical, emotional, mental or spiritual stress, tension and pain.

I call this Maga Therapy

I teach women about their body and mind, to aid relaxation and create the change they desire.

I call this First Aid Stress

• To overcome stress, depression and anxiety.
• To free themselves from limiting beliefs, archaic values and self-criticism.
• To face life’s challenges in a peaceful still way.

My guidance and coaching via First Aid For Stress and ‘fafs club’ enable you to regain control and live happier, healthier and more productively.

A little about me…

Fear of the future and what other people thought
about me wreaked havoc across the whole of my life.
I called it ‘same shit different day’ syndrome.
The constant anxiety consumed me.
It ruined my confidence.
Zapped my energy.
Destroyed my relationships
And my ability to sleep.
Daily I believed that I wasn’t enough and that I would
never be…
A time came when I challenged those beliefs and I
discovered the truth – the path to peace of body, mind,
health and well-being. I returned from ‘my journey’ to
share my understanding with my children others’ who
sought my help.

My aim is to tell as many parents and grandparents as I can, to create a ripple of peace, health, well-being and happiness in the community.

Read more about my story:

dawn symons from maga therapy is photographed on a chair in her studio

“Start your journey to health, flexibility,
happiness and well-being here, with me…”

dawn symons from maga therapy is photographed on a chair in her studio

“Start your journey to health, flexibility,
happiness and well-being here, with me…”

For years, I’ve been helping women regain control of their lives.
Women who feel guilt, stress or anxious because of situations out of their control OR those who have no idea why…
Those who struggle to find time for self-care or those that when they do, self-care doesn’t seem to help.

Have you tried everything?

Have you tried everything from counselling, EFT (tapping) Reiki, massage, chanting, sound therapy, angel workers, float tanks, yoga, running, holidays, binging on audio-books, selfhelp guides, watching endless ‘stress solutions’ sales-pitch videos, memberships to online self-study programs, video courses, a few large glasses of ‘the favourite tipple’, shopping to excess, and a plethora of other solutions – only to find there is no change?

• Do you suffer melt-downs and heated blow-ups?
• Do you want to be the best version of yourself, to raise
emotionally stable, healthy children, to enjoy harmonious relationships?
• Do you have healthy strong boundaries, good morals, beliefs and judgements yet you can’t stop getting angry, defensive and end up shouting/hurting?
• Are you unable to relax because there is always something to be done?
• Are you at the end of your tether?
• You may simply feel that there is no-one out there who can help…

That’s where I come in

As your First aid for stress happiness coach,, I show you what the root of your problem really is and teach you how to overcome life’s difficult situations with ease.
How to flourish, in your mind, body, at home and at work.
Together we heal your heart.

Here’s how I can help