Are you causing your Burnout?


Life can be so fast-paced it is easy to cause Burnout. The problem is that you don’t realise what is happening because you have always been driven with a strong work ethic. Burnout starts subtly. A minor winter virus, a few late nights, a busy/ stressful period at work or at home, too many take-outs, perhaps another virus… and before you know it you are heading towards ME/ CSF with no realisation!

  • Do you skip meals?
  • Do you have problems sleeping or wake during the night around 4am?
  • Do you work all hours, even if you are unwell or on holiday?
  • Do you skip holidays?
  • Do you refuse to attend social occasions due to work?
  • Does your family feel neglected, do you often stay late at work and miss the children going to bed or start early and miss breakfast with the family?
  • Do you prefer to do everything yourself rather than pass tasks to colleagues to ensure it is done ‘properly?
  • Do you always talk about work?
  • Do you multi-task to ensure everything gets done, thus creating a massive work load?
  • Are you intolerant of others who do not prioritise work above family/ friends and social activities?

If you have answered yes to 6 or more there is a strong chance YOU ARE HEADING TOWARDS BURNOUT | ME

How to avoid Burnout |ME

    • Establish a border for work and personal life. Have a clear boundary between your work life and your private life. Do not allow the two aspects of your life to cross each other.
    • Make time to exercise and stay active
    • Work to live:  Work is just one of the activities that are important in order to survive but it is not the only thing. Work is not your life for there is more to life than work
    • Get 8 hours of sleep every night: you will certainly be more efficient and productive.
    • Eat and drink regularly (and healthy) and not at the office desk!
    • Create a schedule with breaks  and stick to it
    • Take lunch in the park, get some fresh air and stretch your legs.
    • Practise eye yoga to prevent eye strain and headaches
    • Make time to socialise with family and friends
    • Spend quality time having fun with your family/ friends

If you would like help with the Physical or Emotional of Burnout you can book your treatment HERE

First Aid For Stress | Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, ME.


When you become embroiled in extreme stress and burnout, one of the biggest difficulties is that is that on the surface you appear to be ‘normal’, healthy and well. Loaded popular beliefs that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME) does not exist, along with labels such such as hypochondriac, attention seeker or lazy, do little to resolve the emotional conflict of this crippling disease. What I know for sure is that there are things that you can do… I know this to be true because I had to find and do them myself. I wrote this book because I burned out 3 times. Frantically chasing a solution for my problems made things even worse. But after many long years I found a solution which is the exact opposite of frantic…

'It's All About ME' | By Dawn Symons

Price: £6.97

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