How to get your energy back. Chronic Fatigue | ME

How do you get your energy back?

Getting your energy back and keeping it, can seem impossible once you’ve developed Chronic Fatigue. I found that working for even a few hours zapped my energy so much I would have to rest/ sleep for as much as 16/18 hours a day. Living a ‘normal’ life seemed impossible. What would have been deemed effortless suddenly was hard labour…

What is CFS?

The simple fact is whatever CFS ‘is’ remains unknown. However, here in the UK we have over 250,000 people who experience the same mild to severe symptoms ranging from fatigue; muscle pain, sleep disturbances, poor short term memory, poor mental stamina, extreme fatigue after exertion, poor temperature control as well as hypersensitivities to light and noise: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / ME.

Where does your energy come from?

Your energy comes from Mitochondria; the battery/ power cells which are found in every cell in your body.

Are you making your fatigue worse? 6 things that helped my ME.

Pace yourself. Slow down when you are tired. Don’t push yourself or use up all your energy before it’s been created

Recharge your batteries, rest as necessary and get lots of sleep at night.

Reduce toxins. Your energy levels can be depleted by heavy metals, pesticides, alcohol, recreational drugs, and volatile organic compounds (which are found in cleaning products). Reducing the toxic load will allow your liver to work efficiently and effectively.

Take a daily essential multi-vitamin-mineral supplement to boost every single cell in your body.

Work on your nutrition, and eat regularly to stabilise your blood sugar levels.

Take an honest look at what you eat. Every day you should be eating a varied diet including plenty of meat, fish, veg, berries, eggs, nuts and seeds and good oils (Olive, walnut, flaxseed, macadamia, avocado, and coconut). Eat less of the following (or avoid altogether) cereal grains, legumes including peanuts, dairy, refined sugar, potatoes, processed foods, salt, and refined vegetable oils.

Be kind to yourself! One of the most important facts I learned was how you feel is completely influenced/ created by your thinking and that you cannot have a good feeling with bad thinking.

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