First Aid For Stress | How Stress Is Created

How to reduce Stress.

Once Stress is created and you are feeling the effects you will need to build resilience.

Whilst you maybe thinking “nothing new there…” please allow me to explain what I mean…because, personally, I didn’t fully grasp the true meaning of building Resilience, and that understanding helped me greatly in my physical and emotional recovery from Stress, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS, ME), and total Burnout.

Building Resilience: not being bound by circumstances. Getting over the past.

How do you build Resilience? With personal/ shared insight, understanding and experience.

Once you have seen how the body works; how tension, stress and fatigue are created, you are able to view and manage difficult, negative situations and how they impact you (both physically and emotionally) in a very different way.

The key point to remember is “I am always feeling my thinking”, or alternatively, “my body is feeling my thoughts”.

Use your body as a barometer

When your thinking is tense it causes your body to contract: become tense, you get pain.

When your thinking is relaxed, it causes expansion and the feeling of space. You are pain-free.

Becoming more resilient to negative thoughts and feelings simply means learning how to respond to a situation as opposed to reacting. But thankfully you are able to effortlessly create resilience simply by understanding how your Natural Default System works.



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