Project Phoenix

Project Phoenix… rising from the ashes of life

In December 2013 I hit rock bottom. I burned out physical, emotionally and spiritually, and not for the first time I might add! I had previously burned out on three occasions and had promised myself faithfully that I would not allow it to happen again, but I did.

This time it was much worse than before and it took me twelve months to recover from the ‘severest symptoms’ of my physical and emotional burnout.

I spent much of 2014 immersed fully in my own healing project which I fondly called – ‘Project Phoenix’. Frankly, rising from the ashes of life was exactly how I described my life! What I was embarking upon was a deep healing from the inside out and across the whole of my life – if I am honest there were times I was not certain that I could ever achieve it for myself even though I’d successfully helped other people.

To me, healing my life felt like I was the captain of a huge ocean liner which had drifted off its course. The captain’s job was to turn the ship around against the roughest, longest storms and highly treacherous, mountainous seas. Turning that ship around would take strength, courage, conviction, trust and time, all the qualities that had dwindled during my breakdown. However, thank god, I was blessed with tenacity!

During 2014 I felt as though I was treading water, it didn’t feel as though I was making progress but I was. I published my ‘first aid for stress’ book, It’s All About ME which was about dealing with the physical and emotional implications of stress, it even covered back pain, wrist tendonitis, and eye yoga, along with an array of breathing and relaxation exercises.

Most of us understand that taking time out; exercising, doing yoga, breathing efficiently, meditating, getting a massage etc are all effective tools. But the truth is they simply act as first aid for stress. As a society, we are plagued by problems such as burnout, stress, anxiety, insomnia, fear, doubt, depression and unhappiness. Dealing with these and the physical symptoms of stress and anxiety can be a minefield. Many of us do not realise what REALLY causes stress let alone how to reduce manage or relieve it.

At the end of 2014 when I contemplated and reflected I knew that I had vastly improved. To be honest, I had not healed my life at that point, however, I could see how to do so… everything I had tried and tested so far had worked.

For the first time in over twenty years, I believed that I could combat the effects of stress, and reduce the impact of chronic fatigue syndrome M.E. whilst ensuring I never suffered burnout again. I knew I would achieve my goal, and heal myself and in doing so I knew I would be back on my life purpose track.

During 2015 whilst plagued by the physical effects of ME I planned, wrote and videoed the antidote for stress. By August I was happy but exhausted, ten weeks later I recognised a significant contributing factor to my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and this meant another major life change…

I have learned so much during my journey, so far.

One of my fundamental observations is that in order to heal your life you will need to learn/understand some essential information about what is causing your stress and anxiety. If you are thinking ‘I know exactly what or who is causing my stress’ may I be as bold as to suggest that you may be incorrect?

Whilst it always looks like someone or something else; your boss, your partner, your child, your finances, the weather or the government causing your stress, I promise you that it’s not!

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