7 Tips To Minimise Your Thyroid Dis-ease Symptoms

Having suffered Thyroid dis-ease symptoms and subsequent thyroid cancer (in 1994) I have found these practical tips hugely beneficial. Coupling this with my Natural Default Setting masterclass you can feel well again, both physically and emotionally, I promise!

1. Eat Thyroid Supporting Foods

Research shows us that the thyroid needs specific vitamins and minerals to function.
Minerals like Iodine, Selenium, and zinc and vitamins like A, C, and B can all be found in everyday foods you see at your grocery store.

Tip: Next time you go shopping consider prawns, haddock, salmon, sea vegetables, eggs,  and mushrooms. These are all rich in iodine, one of the most important minerals for healthy thyroid function.

2. Use Vitamins, Minerals, & Herbs

Certain herbs are also thyroid-supporting, but before you take any health supplements always check with your GP first if you are taking any prescribed medication.

  • Try a thyroid support product with iodine and selenium.
  • Hops enhance the uptake of iodine in the thyroid.
  • Coleus mimics the effect of TSH.
  • Ashwagandha is said to ease thyroid symptoms, boost energy and support your thyroid function.
  • It’s suggested people who lack Iodine in their diet suffer from Thyroid dysfunction.
  • Minimise your Gluten intake.

Whilst eliminating gluten didn’t clear up my hypothyroidism, it made my aching joints disappear, the horrid facial puffiness goes away, my complexion cleared up, I no longer get indigestion and I have fewer headaches!

TIP: Take a quality multivitamin that is rich in iodine and selenium.

3. Get Regular Exercise

Research shows us that thyroid hormones can increase when we increase our heart rates.
And so you might consider exercising a friendly reminder for your thyroid to stay active. Walking, dancing, sports, and especially yoga can all help to support your thyroid.

Try The Bridge Pose!

Bridge pose, (AKA Setu Bandha Sarvangasana,) helps improve blood flow to the neck area, thus stimulating the thyroid.

Try Some Gentle Neck Stretches to remove tension, and toxins and generally free yourself up.

Simply imagine a large pencil on the crown of your head. Slowly draw ‘circles’ as big as you can without causing any pain or pushing your neck to go into any position it feels comfortable.

At the same time breathe deeply in and out of your mouth. On the in-breath place the tip of your tongue on the ‘root’ of the front teeth on your mouth’s upper jaw. On the out-breath place your tongue tip on the ‘root’ of the front teeth on your lower jaw. This is very very relaxing! Try it and see!

TIP: Find a friend, family member, (or borrow a dog) who wants to take regular walks and set a some time each week (even daily) to take a walk.

4. Do You Walk As Though You Have A Thyroid Disorder?

As odd as it may seem I noted that whilst walking my ‘hand carriage’ is different from other people.

Basically, my thumbs point more towards my hips with the back of my hands facing forward.  If this is you too, try walking with your thumbs facing forward (this may feel odd to start with)

By changing your thumb position you are redirecting the energy flow back up to the meridian which supplies your thyroid.

5. Sort Out Your Stress!

Stress can directly influence thyroid function.

For example, the stress hormone cortisol can inhibit both thyroid stimulating hormone and the thyroid hormone (T4). Maga Therapy’s antidote to stress master class may prove hugely beneficial if you wish to turbo-boost your feelings of well-being, energy and health.

  • Give your mind, your body, and your thyroid a break by chilling out. You deserve this, and your body will thank you for it!
  • Make it a priority to cultivate calmness throughout your day. Breathing Exercises, Meditation, and naps can all bring our stress hormones down.

TIP: Take a warm bath three nights a week before bed and make it special by lighting  candles, using special bath salts(or Epsom Salts), or playing relaxing music. A regular massage will work wonders… mmmm time out!

6. Explore Your Emotional Health

Could your emotional health may be affecting your Thyroid? Many cultures and people believe that the thyroid is particularly sensitive to “bottling emotions” or  “not expressing ourselves”.

Did you know women are more likely to suffer from Thyroid issues than men? As women, we are often drawn to nurturing others before ourselves!

 7. Hot & Cold Therapy

Contrast hot and cold applications to the neck and throat may stimulate thyroid function. Alternate 3 minutes hot with 1 minute cold. Repeat three times for one set. Do two to three sets per day.

Lastly, 2 VERY important tips…

  • Remember, listen to the feeling in your body… if it feels like there’s something ‘wrong’ then there is!
  • Lastly, and importantly…You don’t have to address everything at once! 😉

Personal Message From Dawn:

When something is ‘off with my body’, I always try to begin with a logical ‘natural’ sometimes slightly off the wall  approach. If you are uncertain of ‘what’ is happening in your body then check it out. A very wise lady recently reminded me if you don’t feel peaceful within yourself – there’s a reason! You may well be surprised to find it’s easier to feel better in an instant than you would ever imagine!

Having suffered with hyperthyroid issues, followed by malignant tumour (rare, please don’t panic!) and then hypothyroidism. Since then I’ve been diagnosed with everything from IBS, ME (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), depression, emotional exhaustion/ breakdown, and I was convinced my menopause had started in my mid 30’s.

This must have made me look and sound like a hypochondriac, however all of the symptoms were real, very similar or the same and all of them based around hormone imbalances!

I have spoken with many people and the ‘story’ is very similar: day-to-day relationship pressures (inc family, work), stress, not enough time, not eating as healthy as we would choose to, too much caffeine,  etc etc.

I believe the only way to get to the bottom of the problem and finally be free of the symptoms  is to make tweaks and changes to lifestyle so you feel better! You may choose to raise an eyebrow right here and I completely accept that, but I wonder have you ever tried it differently?  Have you ever considered the adrenal cycle and how it affects your daily life, especially if it starts to go awry?

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