What else is new in the studio a Maga Therapy since lockdown?

 Well, probably like you’ve I’ve been watching the news on how our planet has been healing during this period and it got me to thinking very much about what I can do through my work to be more sustainable and ethical. One of the simplest ways I found was to change the products that I use in the treatments I offer to Neal’s Yard Remedies.  They have such a wonderfully sustainable and ethical ethos, and of course, gorgeous organic products, it made perfect sense to become and Independent Consultant.  Let me introduce you to some of the products that I’ll be using …

Now, I’ve probably tried about six different types of hand gel/sanitiser in the last 6 months or so and well, I don’t know about you but I think they’re a bit yuk! They don’t smell great and they’re either sticky or gloopy, not to mention how the chemicals in them dry our hands. 

Welcome to the Defend and Protect range – your new normal!

The Defend and Protect range is blended with zesty lemongrass that has anti-viral properties, purifying niaouli and protective thyme along with witch hazel to help soften and protect; this really is the best possible defence for your hands.   Added to that it comes in a hand wash, hand lotion as well as a hand rub – what more could you ask for in a chemical-free, plant-based natural defence product.  In addition, the Organic Defence blended oil can be used in a diffuser to cleanse the air, you’ll be smelling this when you come and visit me for your treatment. 

A top tip, it can also be used as a disinfectant cleaner too, the power of thyme so to speak!

Hopefully, knowing that you’ll be in safe hands for your treatments by using this range, you might be wondering about facials, especially with wearing masks and the change of the seasons, our skin now, more than ever needs an extra bit of care and attention.

The Neal’s Yard range has a huge variety of facial products that I will be looking at introducing in my treatments as well as to you over the next few months.

One of my favourite product ranges is the Frankincense range. 

I love the provenance story that goes behind this to support and work to reverse the decline of this wonderful tree that produces a resin with so many soothing and comforting benefits. 

You can read more about it on my Neal’s Yard website here, it’s all about how Neal’s Yard is working with the Environment Agency in Oman to help raise the number of Frankincense trees that have been in decline over the last 20 years or so.  Its allowed Neal’s Yard to start a Frankincense nursery, pledging to raise 1,500 saplings per year and distribute throughout Oman in the hope that this will increase knowledge and preservation of the tree.  This also means that Neal’s Yard has the first certified Frankincense essential oil, which is used in the products in their ranges.

Using Frankincense in a facial transforms the act into a mindful experience.  Known for its rejuvenating properties, it has a calming and uplifting effect and can be used to help treat stress, anxiety and tension – feelings I’m sure we’re all experiencing at varying levels at this time.  Come and find out for yourself and book in for a facial, treat yourself to a moment of calmness and soothing, something we all need right now – self-care is the answer!

I know you’ll love the new products I’ll be using and if you love the skincare, oil blends or any products that are used in your treatment, or you’re just a lover of Neal’s Yard products anyway, you will be able to purchase them from me.  There are a variety of ways to buy, directly from my online shop https://uk.organic.com/shop/dawnsymons or myself directly and you can collect at your next appointment.  

I really do look forward to sharing these gorgeous products with you soon and sharing my responsibility for your care when you come to see me with the care of our planet in my treatments.

Yours in health,

Dawn xx


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