I treat the effects of stress on your body and mind

My ‘tool-box’ Maga Therapy is designed to treat both your body and mind.

What Dawn Offers:

Maga Therapy

Body-work (including: sports, massage, holistic therapy, reflexology, reiki, deep tissue massage)

Transformational Health and Wellbeing Coach


What’s Dawn like? This is what her clients say:

Dawn genuinely cares and wants to help people, she isn’t upset if you don’t like her way!
Dawn is open and honest about her own journey.
Dawn lets her natural warmth shine through.
Dawn has no judgement and uses no jargon.
Dawn is straight talking, kind, down to earth and frank about things - there’s no bullshit!
Dawn treats everyone with deep empathy.
Dawn uses language that everyone can understand and never intellectualises things.
Dawn sees through the layers of trauma. She wants you to learn.

Dawn say’s

“I am an excellent treatment provider. My Maga Therapy bodywork sessions have helped 1000’s of people over the last 15 years. Here’s the link to find out more about my massage, body work and holistic healing treatments. “

My role as the human mechanic isn’t just for physical tension and stress.

I am a happiness coach too!

  • As your first aid for stress happiness coach, I show you what the root of your problem really is and teach you how to overcome life’s difficult situations with ease. How to flourish, in your mind, body, at home and at work.
  • My face-to-face coaching sessions and on-line program provide you with the support and tools to create step-by-step, sustainable transformation and change.
  • As a happiness coach I teach career-driven women (and men) and working mums (and dads) to overcome their stress and anxiety, be kinder and compassionate to themselves.

First Aid for Stress Coaching is perfect if you are looking: