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Maga Therapy Evolve – Hypnotherapy, NLP & Energy Psychology Healing Work.

Supporting your health and wellbeing, Truro, Cornwall.

How Maga Therapy Hypnotherapy, NLP & Energy Psychology Healing sessions can help you.

  • Do you have a chronic health condition?
  • Are you struggling to cope with stress, anxiety or low mood?
  • Do you think negatively, doubt yourself or get lost in worried thoughts?
  • Do you struggle with low self-esteem or lack of self-confidence?
  • Do you find it hard to relax and feel exhausted or overwhelmed?
  • Are you a perfectionist who drives yourself with extremely high expectations?
  • Do you feel the symptoms of (above) in your body?

If you’ve answered YES to any of the above questions, then Maga Therapy Evolve could help you.

Maga Therapy Evolve uses a combination of Hypnotherapy, NLP, Energy Psychology, and Reiki to release mental/ emotional blocks from your body.

“I give you the answers, guidance and support you
need to eradicate tension and stress, reduce pain,
restore alignment and regain your energy.”

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In the past, I’ve utilised deep relaxation, conversation, and Reiki to provide good responses to my clients, but I wanted to create faster more efficient change, so after many years of searching I found the perfect-fit course.
Hypnotherapy, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Energy Psychology & Quantum Hypnotherapy – this is a deeply spiritual practice/ treatment for people looking to connect with their highest self to provide answers and fast healing at the quantum level.

I am currently training! I’m grateful to report that I’m finding it relatively easy to achieve due to my previous work with meditation, EFT, and my spiritual practice and understanding as well as my years of working with both bodies and minds.

It’s a lot of study and practice, and curiously the process works even when you don’t expect/ believe it will – I already have lots of stories of my own findings both as *a client* and *a practitioner*.

When you are in a deeply relaxed state your mind is open and ready to receive positive suggestions which create change.

When working with NLP and Energy Psychology you can actively change and release the blocks in your body which underpin long-term tension and pain – the very thing I have talked about for so long – your thoughts creating feelings/ tensions in the body – I now have a fast non-massage way of dealing with!

But there’s more than that, using Hypnotherapy and NLP can help me to help you manage your stress levels effectively and bring a sense of calm, relaxation, and focus to your daily life.

Together we can help you overcome fears, anxieties, and the learned behaviors that are the hidden operating programs we develop during our younger years.

Using conversation and deep relaxation (hypnosis) we can gain knowledge of limiting beliefs and factors which affect our physical/ mental/ emotional health and well-being. We can gently change them. The result is dropping unhelpful thought/behavior patterns and ‘recoding’ the way you respond, going forward…

The result is you feel happier and healthier with an increased sense of well-being.

With no adverse side effects hypnotherapy, NLP, and energy psychology can be used as a safe complementary treatment to Reiki (and any other body-work modality).

I am choosing to use it with Reiki to create gentle powerful shifts holistically.

Because I am still in training, I am offering these sessions at the very discounted price of £45.00 per session.

Sessions are 90 minutes long.

There are 10 places available – 2 sessions per place.

If you’d like to experience deep relaxation and create positive change, click here to make your booking.

My personal mission is to help you improve your mental and physical health by holistically dealing with the negative impact stress, anxiety, and negative/overthinking have on your mind, body, and life.

“I give you the answers, guidance and support you
need to eradicate tension and stress, reduce pain,
restore alignment and regain your energy.”

Appointments held at:

Richmond House (Ground floor room 7) 37, Edward Street, Truro. TR1 3AJ.

Richmond House is halfway up Edward Street on the right-hand side (Heading to the Crown Court).

To enter the building please walk into the car park and you will see my room and private entrance to your right.  My room is immediately left – it’s super easy to find and access.


There is no on-site parking, however, the nearest car park is 1 minute away, next to the Crown Court at the top of Edward Street.

Other nearby car-parks

Moorfield multi-story (behind Malletts) is a 4-minute walk away.

Highcross multi-story (behind Boots/ TK Max) is a 4-minute walk away.

Park n Ride: the nearest stop is at the museum which is a 3-minute walk away.

Booking your appointment.

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I look forward to seeing/ helping you soon!