How Does Maga Therapy Massage Help The Body Relieve The Symptoms Of Stress?

[Updated 16/03/2021]

A question I have often been asked is how does Maga Therapy relieve the symptoms of stress?

Long-term stress can affect you in many ways, causing symptoms including headaches, migraines, asthma, skin conditions e.g. eczema, heart-burn, IBS, tension, aches and pains you can very easily feel anxious or depressed (also classic symptoms of stress) and wonder if there is anything that will actually help. In short, yes. A decent massage makes all the difference – I believe Maga Therapy can help and it’s number one on the stress-busting list!

It’s not just a case that someone does something ‘nice’ to you for an hour or so, nor that you were able to schedule an hour into your busy routine, there are more powerful ‘forces’ at work which actually decrease the stress levels and (albeit temporarily) will neutralise the effects (obviously, the more regularly you have one the better your body will respond and ‘learn’ to relax.
Basically (as jargon-free as I can make it) stopping what you are doing and doing nothing allows your body to produce fewer stress hormones (you will remember the fight or flight ones from your adrenal system from school I am sure).

Excessive amounts of stress hormones cause the problems we suffer physically. Stress hormones are produced in the Adrenal Glands (Read more here) and are in a ‘normal’ day-to-day situation useful, making us more alert or having better memory etc, however, prolonged pumping of the hormones will actually prove harmful long term.

For example, indigestion and stomach ulcers can be directly linked to the overproduction of stress hormones because the hormones affect the digestive system, it becomes sluggish and we break food down much slower than we should, as well as having excess acids produced which in time can affect the lining and cause it to ulcerate. Of course, for all of us who have had stressful periods of life, how easy is it to skip meals and survive on coffee and cigarettes (most of us have done it!!)

The muscles are helped greatly by the release of tension and tightness. Fatigue in muscle tissue is reduced by removing lactic acid, this helps prevent the formation of fibrositis (inflammation within the muscle fibres), thus, muscles work at maximum efficiency!

Our skeleton is affected by Maga Therapy (MT) too! Massage warms joints, reduces pain and increases the production of synovial fluid which protects bone ends.

Our heart receives very positive assistance from MT too! It increases blood circulation bringing oxygen to muscles and removing waste products such as lactic acid, helps heat up cold extremities, e.g. hands and feet, and generally increases heart function.

Our lymphatic system (this is where many waste products are removed)is enhanced by MT resulting in the reduction of excess fluid in tissues (oedema) and toxins.

Our breathing becomes slower and deeper. Lung efficiency is increased so more oxygen is taken in and more carbon dioxide is expelled, our body relaxes when our breath becomes deeper, slower and more efficient.

Our urinary system is kick-started and there is an increase in the production of urine and removal of waste products and toxins.

Our digestive system starts to work more effective thus helping prevent constipation (or if IBS is an issue, it balances it and slows gut action down)

The action on the endocrine system itself is very important, MT aids the circulation of hormones around the body, it can assist depression by helping the uptake of the hormone Serotonin, and relieves stress by decreasing the levels of Adrenaline.

So you see, Maga Therapy HAS to be the best (and immediately effective) thing you can do.  But, that’s only a small wedge of the pie.  What else?? So this time I am thinking for most of us stopping and doing nothing for 10-15 mins is an impossible task, but consider how mad that actually sounds 10-15 mins THAT’S ALL!

How do you ‘learn’ to relax?

You will notice I burn either oil or incense when treating. There are many reasons for this but the main one is that you can recreate a relaxing ambience at home, light a candle, burn some relaxing oil, listen to a relaxing playlist and your body will respond and ‘release’ your tension.

So, you have the MT treatment rationale, and now you know about the music, next to the lovely odours. A  few drops of your favourite essential oil in water on the burner will create a relaxing ambience and help you chill out, dim the lights if you can and just stop……………turn off the phone (or put it on silent with no vibrating,),  it won’t matter for a few mins to not be ready to take a call!

Do nothing at all for 10 mins. Breathe deeply (many believe breathing is the key to success when it comes to stress-busting!) Breathe deeply creating a Buddha belly, this will ensure you use all of your lungs as opposed to a half or so of them!

Personal Note From Dawn Symons:

One CD which is widely available is’ Sleep’ by a company called Solitudes- this CD has been designed with the alpha waves wound throughout which actually causes you to relax and sends you to sleep!

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