Workshop to improve your mental health, well-being and sleep.

Reducing stress and creating peace of mind will improve your good quality sleep & reduce your fatigue. But how do you do that?

Simple! Join me for my upcoming workshop to improve your mental well-being and sleep.

About this workshop.

This is a practical, relaxed and informative workshop designed to develop your peace of mind and improve your sleep. Delivered by (me) Dawn Symons owner/ creator of Maga Therapy & First Aid for Stress.

I have lived experience of chronic fatigue and stress which resulted in a monumental healing journey lasting years. Alone I trialled and tested the fastest ways to create a different experience of my life.

In this workshop I share the information which helped me improve my physical and mental well-being, mostly by understanding how the body mind ‘really’ works (thats the secret sauce!) and implementing simple changes which created remarkable results.
Dawn says “ultimately, creating a quieter mind will improve your sleep, this in turn allows wisdom to come through creating better choices and outcomes in your everyday life”.

We will consider


By the end of this workshop you will have the tools and resources to enjoy restful sleep and calm your mind and increase your energy.