Top 10 Tips For Back Health & Improved Posture

My 10 top tips for improved posture and the health of your back As a child, were you told “Stand up straight!” or “Don’t slouch!”. It turns out that whoever said it, they were right all along! Having poor posture when walking, sitting, working or driving can have a negative impact on your life including: Pain in your […]

Back Pain.

How can I help with your back pain? Many people face horrendous pain either acute (swift onset) or chronic (long term) and often one leads to another following the initial eposide. As we know this can lead to a serious intrusion on your ‘normal life’ and activities, or worse still leave you considering surgery as […]

Wrist Tendonitis & Wrist Stretch

    What is Wrist Tendonitis? A form of Repetitive Strain Injury, which can be so painful, that it can totally incapacitate you! Wrist Tendonitis is tough to manage, but you CAN! Why is it so painful? Tendonitis is the irritation of the lining of the tendon and its sheath (which contains the lubrication to the joint). […]

Joint Pain….How Does It Occur?

How Does Join Pain Occur? Joint pain is due to many factors; hereditary, congenital, inappropriate wear and tear are some. Sadly, we can’t do a thing about our gene pool, but the wear and tear issue we can! I have read that by the time we reach 65 yrs old as many as 75%  of […]

7 Tips To Minimise Your Thyroid Dis-ease Symptoms

Having suffered Thyroid dis-ease symptoms and subsequent thyroid cancer (in 1994) I have found these practical tips hugely beneficial. Coupling this with my Natural Default Setting masterclass you can feel well again, both physically and emotionally, I promise! 1. Eat Thyroid Supporting Foods Research shows us that the thyroid needs specific vitamins and minerals to function. […]

Back Strain & Pain.

A back strain is a pain ful condition where the muscles of the back are injured due to a traumatic pulling and subsequent tearing of the fibres. One of the most common sites of injury, regardless of the sport, is the lower back region. There are many causes for lower back pain, for example, which you […]

Wrist & Elbow Pain

Wrist and elbow pain is common to 1 in 3 people. To recover (fast)  or avoid the incredibly painful, overuse injuries such as Tendonitis, RSI, or Tennis elbow you will need to take action. NEED HELP? BOOK YOUR TREATMENT WITH DAWN HERE What causes it? You do! Whether  related to your work or leisure activities, the pain is caused by repetitive movements, […]

Treat your back pain

There is nothing worse than not knowing how to treat your back pain when you are struck with acute back pain. Acute back pain is the sudden onset of immobilising back pain. In most cases there has been back ache previously, but the most ‘normal’ movements can trigger debilitating pain e.g. bending to tie a […]