Is Burnout ME real or just a thought?

What if Burnout ME is just a thought, what if it’s not real?

I’ve experience crippling physical symptoms of Burnout – ME – CSF, but understanding how the body actually ‘works’ has turned my life around. It’s left me wondering if it could be possible that we think ourselves into burnout? If my theory is right, then we (all) can recover!

If you are experiencing CFS -ME- Burnout would you agree that on a personal level your (Burnout) mind offers a relentless series of thoughts; “ I’m pushing myself here, I’m tired, I’m overwhelmed, I’m exhausted, etc.  In your work-place or business mind it would be more along the lines of:  “they are expecting me to do more than I can do, I can’t keep doing 16 hour days; I can’t, I can’t, I can’t… but I have to. Basically that’s what the burnout experience boils down to…..

If you can notice your thinking about burnout you can draw your energy back and make wiser choices. But while you are in that burnout thinking-feeling  process, the process of absolutely believing it to be real, because let’s face it, it FEELS real; consider this… is it something on the outside of you causing you to think-feel in this way?

When you are having thoughts such as I can’t keep doing it… etc these thoughts are just part of a story we tell ourselves, and to be frank the reason doesn’t matter we can let it go.. The more that we think about the problem whether that be burnout symptoms, our unhappiness in whichever certain situation,  then real it becomes.

The reality is that we innocently blame our negative – positive feelings, behaviour and mind-set on our current situation (our boss, our partner, the weather, the economic downturn etc.), not realising that its actually just our own thinking.
The problem is that the more we think negative thoughts the more we  believe them, the more that we think-believe them then our IQ, our mindset dips.

There is scientific evidence tells us that the IQ goes down so the chances are that when you try to problem-solve and make decisions, that are going to be wrong, basically because you are not thinking clearly. But when I can notice that I do not need to do anything remember that my default system is health, peace, clarity and that I don’t have to do anything at all, and my mind clears of the jumbled, muddled thinking my IQ goes up, and it happens very quickly.

A problem will occur if you try to ‘do’ something about it, your mindset gets lost in the solution.
When you have a positive mindset you experience clarity of being, mental health, calm and are in a much healthier place to make a decision. The beauty of natural default setting is that you need not consider the past, patterns, previous experience so that you work differently and straight away the perceived burnout switches off.

I recovered from Burnout.

Find out ‘How to recover from Burnout ME’ below…


When you become embroiled in extreme stress and burnout, one of the biggest   difficulties is that is that on the surface you appear to be ‘normal’, healthy and well.

Loaded popular beliefs that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME) does not exist, along with labels such as hypochondriac, attention seeker or lazy, do little to resolve the emotional conflict of this crippling disease.

What I know for sure is that there are things that you can do… I know this to be true because I had to find and do them myself. I wrote this book because I burned out 3 times. Frantically chasing a solution for my problems made things even worse. But after many long years I found a solution which is the exact opposite of frantic…

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