Problems Conceiving: Dealing With Your Stress.

Yes! stress can stop you conceiving. On the face of it having a child is something you expect to ‘do’ easily, especially if are fit and healthy… After several months of ‘ trying’ the shock of the situation sets in. Women unable to have children have a stereotypical image of being desperate and sad and there seems to be a stigma attached to not being able to have children. GP appointments and referral to specialist clinics can add to your worst fears leaving you feeling angry and frustrated too. Sadly the stress of the situation often affects the whole of your life, personal relationships and work situations. A major problem which you face can be anxiety and the effects of stress. The chemical changes which a stressed system evokes can cause difficulties.

Calm mind, calm body

Clients of mine have naturally conceived. One reported immediate cycle changes from as much as (historic) 44+ day cycles to 30 day cycles in less than 3 months, leading to pregnancy! Others with serious medical issues have resolved their stresses and function ‘normally’ without the strain of the dreaded emotions which have such a negative impact.

Things that may be running through your mind

We’ve been trying for a year and still nothing is happening. What is wrong with me? I want a baby because I love my husband and it would make us complete and even happier however my cycle has always been out of sync, I’ve rarely used contraception and know I can’t have a baby because something’s not working properly. Could stress be doing this? I know these things happen my nanny had the same problems and she’s lovely and brilliant with children but she could never have a baby. My mother was punched by a lady when mum was complaining about morning sickness.. The lady was angry that she couldn’t get pregnant. That scares me. I’m worried about how we will cope if we have a baby, I earn more than my partner and with the recession his work is less and less secure. There’s nothing worse than family and friends asking when we’re going to have a baby, it puts more pressure on us as a couple. We argue about it so much I think its destroying our relationship. I am so stressed out. I feel a failure. If I was a proper woman…. I’ve let my partner, my family and everyone that cares for me down. It’s all consuming almost obsessive. I can’t think of anything else. It’s too depressing for words I’ve partied hard when I was at ‘uni’ I wonder if I may have done something to stop my body working properly. I damaged my back in an accident 6 years ago and worry this has damaged something, but I wonder if I fall pregnant how pregnancy will affect me. All of my friends have children or babies, everyone talks about nappies, poo and feeds. I don’t begrudge them but it really gets to me, I’d prefer not to see anyone. My dad is depressed and has been for a long time he had a breakdown recently having a baby would make him happier and give him something else to focus on, I feel bad that I can’t make him feel better. My mother has had to put up with loads of sad family stuff, she’s a brilliant mum I don’t know if I can be that good. It’s not easy for the women in our family to have babies, it’s a genetic thing. It almost feels wrong to have a baby when my sister is struggling to cope with hers, and now her husband & her are having troubles. I’m worried I’ll lose friends family or hurt other people by having a baby. My younger sister had her baby first. The baby is over a year old and I don’t want to steal her limelight.

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