ITB Syndrome

What Is Ilio-Tibial Band syndrome (IT Band friction syndrome)? ITB Syndrome is a common cause of knee pain and hip pain in sports participants. Knee pain is most commonly felt along the outside (lateral) knee and the lower thigh. ITB syndrome may also result in a nagging or acute pain on the outside of the hip. […]

How To Treat A Sprained Ankle

Learn how to get fast relief with my step-by-step sprained ankle treatment process.  I uses a combination of techniques to provide effective solutions to treat PHYSICAL INJURIES and PAIN. Common causes and risk factors associated with ankle sprains include a lack of conditioning inadequate warm up and stretching inadequate footwear training on uneven ground Lastly and […]

How To Treat And Prevent Cramp & Muscle Spasms.

Discover what causes and how to prevent muscle cramp  here!  What is a Muscle Cramp and Spasm? Muscle cramp and muscle spasms are  annoying conditions that involves a sudden, involuntary contraction and tightening of a muscle that will not immediately relax. Cramps can last anywhere from a few seconds to over 15 minutes and can often be […]

Improve Your Triathlon Performance & Prevent Injuries

Training for a triathlon? I can help you to improve your performance and prevent injuries. The competition level of a triathlon is so intense that there is very little of the body that is spared. However, whether its swimming, cycling or running, the majority of the punishment and stress is focused on your legs and arms. Remember […]

Achilles Tendonitis Stretch.

Achilles Tendonitis is a common injury caused by activity such as running, walking or jumping.  Achilles Tendonitis causes pain and inflammation to the tendon which joins your calf muscle to your heel. Stretch for Achilles Tendonitis How… Stand with your foot raised onto a small table, chair, or bench. Keep your leg slightly bent. Drop your heel off the edge […]

How to deal with the Physical Stress & Pain of Shin Splints

Whether you jog daily or just dash to catch the train, you are prone to shin splints. Knowing how to deal with the physical symptoms of shin splints is vital information, even  for non-sporty types. What are shin splints The term shin splints is a name often given to any pain at the front of the lower leg. […]

Rowing Treatments for Rowers & Kayakers

  The most common pain + injuries I see when treating rowers + kayakers, are injuries to the wrist, shoulders, knees and lower backs. It is incredibly easy to use and train the side from which you row, however it is wise to remember that if you create strength on one side on the body […]

Can Massage & Stretching Improve My Golf Game?

Can massage and specific stretches improve your golf game? The answer is simply YES!! Efficient conditioning of your muscles permits greater control and allows you to increase the speed of the golf head.  In short, If you want to improve your game and prevent injuries this article is written just for you! You may or may not be aware […]

Achilles Tendonitis. Prevention & Cure

What is Achilles tendonitis? The Achilles tendon connects the large calf muscles to the heel and provides the power in the push off when walking and running. It is estimated that Achilles Tendonitis accounts for around 10% of all running injuries. Click HERE to book your targeted leg and foot treatment Achilles Tendonitis can be […]

Wrist & Elbow Pain

Wrist and elbow pain is common to 1 in 3 people. To recover (fast)  or avoid the incredibly painful, overuse injuries such as Tendonitis, RSI, or Tennis elbow you will need to take action. NEED HELP? BOOK YOUR TREATMENT WITH DAWN HERE What causes it? You do! Whether  related to your work or leisure activities, the pain is caused by repetitive movements, […]