Breathing To Enhance Fitness Performance and Reduce Stress

Many of us simply forget that efficient breathing enhances your fitness performance AND reduces stress.  As something we do naturally, it seems crazy to find myself writing about breathing. However, I’ve noted that many of my clients ‘Reverse Breathe’. Additionally, I have noted when breathing patterns are corrected that there are very obvious and dramatic […]

How do you relieve the symptoms of Stress?

                  I wanted to know how do you relieve the symptoms of Stress. I had the answer to ‘what is Stress!’ Stress was my middle name… I even had a mug with the caption “without stress my life would be empty” on it! Dawn Symons  And whilst I joke […]

Can Magnesium reduce stress and relax muscle tension?

Can Magnesium reduce stress and relax muscle tension? Is magnesium a natural stress buster? What does Magnesium do? It helps maintain normal muscle and nerve function, keeps heart rhythm steady, supports a healthy immune system, and keeps bones strong. Magnesium also helps regulate blood sugar levels, promotes normal blood pressure, and is known to be […]

Jaw Tension | Jaw Pain

Are you suffering from jaw pain or jaw tension? Does your face ‘ache’? Have you noticed that you are biting the inside of your gum or edge of your tongue? Often during times of stress we clench our jaw and or grind our teeth. which can lead to increasing headaches and regular migraines. Jaw tension can create […]

Don’t Stress It – How Oxytocin Could Help Reduce Stress Naturally

How Oxytocin Could Help Reduce stress Naturally Our bodies are a veritable ‘perfect storm’ of chemicals and hormones, all sending conflicting messages to our stressed-out brains. From the moment we get up in the morning and spend that frantic hour trying to get the kids ready for school and ourselves prepared for the busy day […]

Problems Conceiving: Dealing With Your Stress.

Yes! stress can stop you conceiving. On the face of it having a child is something you expect to ‘do’ easily, especially if are fit and healthy… After several months of ‘ trying’ the shock of the situation sets in. Women unable to have children have a stereotypical image of being desperate and sad and […]

Pregnancy & Labour Meditation Tips

Pregnancy & Labour is a great time to meditate! The great news is that learning how to meditate is not as difficult as you may have heard! Better still, once you get the hang of it, it gets even easier! Deep relaxation (meditation) requires little ‘equipment’ but the most important thing to remember is to […]

Are You Over-Training? Is Your Body Under Stress?

Are you over-training?  Is Your Body Under Stress? Do you know the difference between being just a little tired or on a down-cycle, and being legitimately run down or over tired? One of the biggest challenges to achieving your fitness goals is consistency. Juggling your training with enough sleep and rest, as well as the ‘perfect’ […]

Stress & Stress Reduction- What Will Help?

When you are stressed to the eyeballs, what will help? Well, I feel that the basics of eating healthily, reducing caffeine and sugar intake (read more here), taking time out to relax or exercise, doing something you enjoy every day, spending time with friends/ family and laughter are so simple that we often overlook them. But […]