Stress, Burnout & ME – Banishing Your Demons

Have you ever felt so stressed; overworked, exhausted, let down by other people, the world or yourself, that you wanted to run away or quit everything? Do people say you’re a ‘little sensitive’ at times? Do you look at other people and wonder how ‘luck’ graced their every move, yet you always somehow ‘lost’? Have […]

Project Phoenix

Project Phoenix… rising from the ashes of life In December 2013 I hit rock bottom. I burned out physical, emotionally and spiritually, and not for the first time I might add! I had previously burned out on three occasions and had promised myself faithfully that I would not allow it to happen again, but I […]

What Is Burnout Syndrome?

What is Burnout Syndrome?   Burnout Syndrome is also known as CFS – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or M.E. (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis). You feel so rotten generally that even if there was cheque for $1,000,000 on the path outside with your name on it you would not have the energy to physically go outside and pick it up, let […]

How to get your energy back. Chronic Fatigue | ME

How do you get your energy back? Getting your energy back and keeping it, can seem impossible once you’ve developed Chronic Fatigue. I found that working for even a few hours zapped my energy so much I would have to rest/ sleep for as much as 16/18 hours a day. Living a ‘normal’ life seemed impossible. What would have been […]

Can You Recover from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome | ME

Can you recover from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ ME? Yes, I believe that you can. The most positive way that you can manage and overcome Chronic Fatigue /  ME is by using it as a wakeup call. It may be a personal re-evaluation of what you want from your life and how to achieve those aims is required. For several years I was […]

Does Stress Cause Chronic Fatigue?

Does extreme or prolonged stress cause Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or ME? Some common causes of Stress Recently I asked a group of nine people two questions. “What causes your stress” and “How does stress affect you personally” The results were both interesting and funny! There were 68 different answers, here are a few… Arguments, disputes ›Arrogance ›Bills – financial difficulties ›Boss, […]

Burnout & ME. How I Recovered: My Story

  Burnout & ME. How I recovered: my story… My Burnout felt real but was it inevitable? Did life have to happen that way? I have burnt out three times… It took me that long to figure out where I was going wrong! I used to live in the future. I knew what I didn’t have […]

Is Burnout ME real or just a thought?

What if Burnout ME is just a thought, what if it’s not real? I’ve experience crippling physical symptoms of Burnout – ME – CSF, but understanding how the body actually ‘works’ has turned my life around. It’s left me wondering if it could be possible that we think ourselves into burnout? If my theory is right, then we […]