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Avoid Sports Burnout

To avoid sports burnout you need to change your nutritional intake, otherwise you can create the symptoms of burnout whether you are a keen sports

Back Pain.

How can I help with your back pain? Many people face horrendous pain either acute (swift onset) or chronic (long term) and often one leads

Wrist Tendonitis & Wrist Stretch

    What is Wrist Tendonitis? A form of Repetitive Strain Injury, which can be so painful, that it can totally incapacitate you! Wrist Tendonitis is tough

Hamstring Strain Stretch

                This stretch is really useful if you have a Hamstring Strain This stretch also helps you recover

Joint Pain….How Does It Occur?

How Does Join Pain Occur? Joint pain is due to many factors; hereditary, congenital, inappropriate wear and tear are some. Sadly, we can’t do a

ITB Syndrome

What Is Ilio-Tibial Band syndrome (IT Band friction syndrome)? ITB Syndrome is a common cause of knee pain and hip pain in sports participants. Knee pain

How To Treat A Sprained Ankle

Learn how to get fast relief with my step-by-step sprained ankle treatment process.  I uses a combination of techniques to provide effective solutions to treat PHYSICAL